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THIS is a step by step, walk-through video tutorial on how to design THREE marketable text-based logos for either your brand or your client's brand! You’ll be learning how to use & navigate the necessary tools, combined with the right steps & tips + tricks to design an impressive marketable logo in Adobe Photoshop!

This tutorial was created at a pace ideal for beginner photoshop users. whether you’re a business owner looking to enhance your own logo, or a graphic designer looking to enhance your skill- this tutorial is valuable! You’re bound to learn & gain a handful!


Bonus: By gaining access to this tutorial, you’ll be able to closely communicate with me for any questions, tips, or advice while designing for up to 90 days! Pick my brain on all things text-based logos ;)



  • Computer or Laptop
  • Adobe Photoshop


What's Included:

  • Step By Step Video Tutorial 
  • Voice Over Walk-Through
  • How To Design 3 Logos
  • How To Download Fonts
  • 6 Super Cute Fonts Included
  • Chrome Text-Effect PSD file
  • How To Add Glossy Text-Effects
  • How To Pair Fonts Together / Font Placement
  • How To Upload + Use Premade Text
  • Beginner Resources
  • & More!


Please review the images attached to this service for more information!


Video Length - 1hr 4 minutes

Video Size - 1.72GB

3 Text-Based Logo Tutorial

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