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The following policy is how TAYLORDESIGNEDIT operates. By purchasing, you're confirming you understand & conform to the details below & all details provided on other pages of this site. For more information on the design process, please see our contact page.

TaylorDesignedIt now specifically works with business owners in feminine business industries. Ex: Hair, Lashes, Skincare, Beauty & more.

If you have any questions regarding your business industry, please contact us.



Before booking online with TaylorDesignedIt, we highly encourage all potential AND returning Clients to review the following details below & ensure they have all necessary information to create a smooth designing & onboarding process! For more information, please see our 'Before You Book' Instagram highlight!

  • Before booking a desired service, it's mandatory for all Clients to have a confirmed business name & confirmed brand colors

  • Clients must understand the service of interest, it's description & requirements.

  • Clients must prepare & provide a clear & basic idea/plan for the service of interest. (Freestyle is NOT an option)

  • Clients may submit photos to reference for their project, but we will not accept photos of other designers' work!

Please be informed that additional policies will be implemented as clients proceed to the onboarding phase following their booking.



To secure a service, the Client must acquire the desired service(s) through or make payments via invoices. When checking out, you must provide your FIRST & LAST name. The billing and shipping address provided by the Client MUST match; otherwise, the order will be canceled & the Client will be refunded. Following booking, additional fees may be invoiced or paid online based on the Client's specific requests. Deposits may apply to select services, and payment terms are non-negotiable. 


Due to the nature of our services, refunds will not be issued & all sales are FINAL, unless at our discretion. In the event that the Client disrupts the design process or becomes challenging to work with, the project will be canceled & a (possible) partial refund may be issued. If the Client is dissatisfied with a project's outcome, we will make every effort to address concerns, but we will not refund the Client due to their unsatisfactory. The Client must express concerns before project completion; otherwise, an additional charge or re-booking may apply for post-completion adjustments. Any services purchased as instant digital download are non-refundable. 


All services are personally completed and delivered by TaylorDesignedIt. Most services are provided as digital high quality JPG/PNG files, with no editable files sent. PSD files may be requested for an additional cost of $20 per file. Physical shipments are not offered; All services are digital.


High-quality, professional photos are mandatory for most services. In the absence of such photos, the Client can opt not to include photos for select services only, with elements still provided. Please read service descriptions for more information on photo requirements. It is the Client's responsibility to thoroughly review & understand their desired service(s)'s requirements & what it may include before purchasing. TaylorDesignedIt is not liable for confusion or misunderstanding after the order submission. In the event that the Client purchases a service requiring professional photos, they may be legible to receive a partial refund for the required service only.


We prioritize professionalism and strive to enhance our clients' brands through our services. It's essential for our clients to understand that by booking any of our services, the primary objective is to elevate their brand identity.

We strongly encourage the use of professional photos for all our services. Professional photos not only enhance the quality of our work but also contribute significantly to the overall brand improvement process. It is our belief that by encouraging the use of professional photos, we empower brand owners to fully realize and achieve the brand identity they aspire to.

Clients should carefully review the descriptions of our services before booking. Certain services will explicitly require professional photos, while others may specify the need for high-quality images, which include clear, well-lit photos that can be captured with a standard iPhone camera. Additionally, there are services where no photos are necessary. Please understand, all desired photos will be reviewed during our onboarding process to confirm the quality & use for each photo.

We emphasize the importance of thoroughly reading project descriptions and requirements to ensure preparedness before booking any service. Should the Cleint have any questions or concerns regarding their desired photos, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.


Turnaround time is only an estimate & varies for each service. Our turnaround time is subject to change as TaylorDesignedIt expands. The time starts on the scheduled start date provided by TaylorDesignedIt. The scheduled start date is given once all the Client's detailed information has been discussed & confirmed with us. Our turnaround time does not begin at the time of booking. Please keep in mind, project turnaround times differ, and clients should closely consider TaylorDesignedIt's business days, hours, as well as attending of other Clients when patiently waiting for final drafts, responses, & or updates!

Please also understand, the lack of information received by TaylorDesignedIt, as well as the request of revisions will lengthen the design process and turnaround time. 


Response time from TaylorDesignedIt may range up to 1-3 days or more. Delay in client responses will result in project delays. If the Client does not respond for more than 4 days, their projects will be at risk of project rescheduling. Project rescheduling is when we take a 25-30 day break from working on the Client's project, to give the Client a chance & a time to refocus on the project. Cancellation & refund options are not be available during this period. Project rescheduling is non-negotiable. After TaylorDesignedIt confirms with the Client that their project has been rescheduled, Clients may have a chance to resume work a month after, but continued unresponsiveness may lead to complete project cancellation without a refund.


Excessive texting/emails during the design process is discouraged for efficient communication and project outcomes.

*In the event that a client initiates communication after a lapse of 14 days or more from the time of booking without engaging in onboarding, a fee of $50 will be applicable to proceed. This is non-negotiable.


Clients are required to sign and submit agreements & questionnaires accurately within the onboarding process. The information that is to be filled out within the forms, will be discussed & confirmed together prior. Documents will usually be sent following the announcement of the scheduled start date, which will be confirmed by the Client. Clients failing to complete all documents before the start date, will be at risk of project delay. A second chance will be given to complete all documents, but failure to do so a second time will result in project rescheduling or possible cancellation without refund. Clients are required to provide their first & last name within the Agreement Contract.

TaylorDesignedIt will begin working on the project after receiving all required information from the Client. It's not guaranteed that you will receive confirmation that your project has been started, as well as consistent updates. Your continuous patience throughout the design process is required & much appreciated.


Drafts bearing TaylorDesignedIt's watermark, are for Client visibility ONLY; drafts are not to be shared or claimed as your own. Clients have a minimum free revisions depending on their service or what's being requested, with each additional revision incurring an small additional fee. Significant changes, such as majority of the project, is considered a redesign and carry a larger additional charge. Following the redesign, Clients may request 1 revision only. After the Client is unable to request more revisions, they must choose a previous revision as their final design.

For any questions about the information in this Policy, please contact us at


  • How Can I Work With You?
    You can work with me by simply selecting & booking service, or you can inquire about a project you're interested in, if you don't see it offered on my site!
  • I Just Booked A Service, What Now..?
    Perfect! Within 48 hours, please be sure to fill out & complete our quick Onboarding form. You can find the link to this form through your email, which is usually sent after you book a service! After you complete the Onboarding form, shortly after you should receive an email from us confirming that you're now apart of our Client Portal.
  • How Long Is Turnaround Time, Usually?
    Turnaround Time for most projects range between 1-8 business days. Please be considerate of my off days, other projects, & the time it takes to perfect your project. It's highly encouraged to book 2-3 weeks in advance! USUALLY, turnaround time is sooner than noted, but keep in mind our turnaround is only an estimate!
  • What If I Don't Have High Quality Photos?
    No worries! Stock photos are available as an option for an additional cost. Please keep in mind, high quality, professional photos will result in the BEST possible outcome. If you're unsure about your photos, please reach out! You're also able to request no photos for select services ONLY. Please check service descriptions before booking! Elements [ex: diamonds, butterflies, flowers] will still be provided.
  • How Can I Send You My Info?
    Please ONLY send information through our Client Portal, that correlates to the service(s) booked. If additional information is needed, please send through email ONLY ( PLEASE refrain from sending information via Instagram.
  • Can I Cancel My Order?
    Once we begin your project, order cancellations are NOT available due to the type of service being provided to each client. Cancellation may be considered if requested within 24 hours of purchasing. Please be aware, all sales are FINAL. This information was already understood & agreed upon by purchasing. If you have any questions or concerns about a service you booked, please message us.
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