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Babe, it's time to retire the DIY Acuity Site! When your customers visit your page, we want them to instantly want to shop & trust you simply by the appearance your booking site brings. When they see the effort you put into their shopping experience, it speaks volume about your business! Let's organize those policies, make your rules clear & straight to the point, & enhance your client experience! 


What's Included?

  • Creatively Designed Acuity Page [Excluding Service Set-Up]
  • Revised + Organized Policies + Rules
  • Optional File Installation [Must Provide Log-In]



  • Clear Idea/Concept
  • Color Scheme With Color Codes
  • Square Scheduling Account or Alternative Booking Site Account
  • List of All Policies + Requirements


Turnaround Time:

5-18 Business Days

Acuity Revamp Design

  •  By purchasing, you're confirming that you're willing & eager to work with TaylorDesignedIt & abide by our policies. You also confirm that you agree, understand & accept the estimated turnaround time, requirements listed, & all policies.

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