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how it works

The following details explain how to book with TaylorDesignedIt, how we work together, and how to creative process is carried out.

It's recommended to review these details before booking to ensure full understanding!

Step One: Reviewing Policies

Before booking with TaylorDesignedIt, please read all policies in full to avoid confusion & to ensure full understanding.

Step Two: Decide What You Need

Next, we need to figure out what you need & how Taylor can assist you! If you already have an idea in mind, skip to Step Three. If not, email or book a consultation with Taylor so we can discuss what would best work for you & your brand!

Step Three: Book A Service

Next, choose & book a service! Read through the description then add it to your cart. Follow the steps to checkout, complete your purchase, and you've successfully booked a service with TaylorDesignedIt!

Step Four: Complete A Form

Now that you've booked, check your email! We just need your information :)

Access our New Client form, complete the form in it's entirety, submit, then you're done-- for now.

Taylor will instantly receive a notification when you submit & once she reviews it, she'll send you an additional form to submit info that relates to the service you booked!

Step Five: Wait For Message

Next, please wait patiently for a message from Taylor. You're likely to receive on within 1-2 business days or sooner!

Once Taylor reaches out to you, She'll inform you of when she's likely to begin working on your project or when you should receive your drafts!

Step Six: Respond To Drafts

Now, once you receive your drafts, Taylor will patiently wait for your response. It's up to you to be as honest as possible so we can bring your exact vision to life! Once you choose a draft and voice any changes, Taylor will either move forward with your revisions, or move forward with sending your final design.

Step Seven: Receive Final Design

After any revisions, Taylor will proceed to send the final design via email. After the final design is sent, revisions or redesigns will not be allowed!

So excited to begin working with you! I'm here if you have any additional questions.


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