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hiii <3

hi love!



hey bookie!

pink + personality



hey girly!

Hiii- Bookie! You found me ;]

Your interest truly means a lot & I can't wait to help you improve your brand!

Firstly, my name is Taylor, I'm 20 years old from Atl, GA, I laugh at just about everything, & will 9x out of 10 call you "lovely" in every email.  JESUS is my bestfriend & will forever receive the glory for my abundant growth & progress. It's nice to meet you <3

As a Graphic Designer & Brand Stylist, I urge to actively be apart of women's growth in developing & maintaining their brand, through branding & marketing, digitally & physically appealing graphics & products, & helping them develop personality in their brand overall. We're going from business to brand ova here! 

Just starting out? Rebranding? Stagnant? Improving?

There's always expansion for you here, my love.


Let's get started! xoxo

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