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In the shortest way possible- Meet Taylor, a woman pixelated from Decatur, GA— basically Atlanta for those from not here. Learning to put God & His desires first, & pursing graphic design immediately after. Taylor first found herself checking graphic design off a list in highschool as a class she'd be interested in learning. After two years of learning, she used what she learned to create a DIY website & graphics for her clothing business, after graduating & not having much of a plan.


She studied & reviewed businesses within her niche & saw the graphics they promoted, as well as how great & intentional their marketing seemed. By observing, Taylor dedicated herself to Canva, daily. Learning different ways to make her website & marketing ads, more eye-catching & engaging.


Fast forward to the want of rebranding her clothing business, Taylor eventually learned to design + sell Canva templates to Etsy- which she was very successful in doing! (2,000+ sales in 1yr). Soon after Taylor experienced numerous Etsy sellers stealing/copying her work, she found her way to Instagram, around April 2023. Not knowing that there was an entire community of women graphic designers doing what Taylor wanted to do & using platforms such as, photoshop, which Taylor had experience with. She decided to slow down on Canva templates & once again open photoshop after two years to begin learning, growing & even accepting Clients.

Graphic designing was never apart of Taylor's original plan, but she believes through God she was led here. Here where she's gained over 1k followers in less than a year. Here where she feels excited to be creatively depended on. Here where she can receive compliments on her growth & continuous work. Here where she can simply dump her mind onto a blank artboard & watch it come to life. Here where she can be apart of a brand's growth. Here where she can put smiles on other's faces. Here where she can give to entrepreneurs in need. Here where she's happy. Here where she is Taylor. :)


- Loves Animals

- Dream Vacation: Hawaii

- Loves The Beach

- Laughs At Corny Jokes

- Loves Clothes + Fashion

- Nicest Person You'll Ever Meet

- Birthday: May 18th

Quick Life Update:

Taylor is currently consistently pursing graphic design, full time & looking to rebrand her clothing brand from scratch, as instructed to by God. She's currently rejoicing as she knows she on the right path.

Want to learn more about Taylor?

Follow @taylordesignedit on Instagram!

meet the designer!

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